Logo for TEDx Salzburg


The annual TED conference invites the world’s leading thinkers and doers to speak for 18 minutes about one particular topic. 18 minutes full of information, world-changing ideas and inspiration for creative conversations. A revolutionary experience with – thanks to the internet – thousands of recipients worldwide. Activating, touching and powerful. The TEDx program is the local, independently organized event, that brings people together to share and feel the TED atmosphere.


Such an event took place last week in Austria. TEDx Salzburg invited thirteen speakers, such as Marie Ringler, Dietmar Dahmen, Andreas Salcher, Prof. Dr. Gerti Senger or Mag. Alfred Prinz von Liechtenstein and asked us to do the lettering for this year’s theme: Mediocracy. Lettering such a word in a NON-mediocre way was a challenging but exciting task. Go all out, bring conventions and rules into question, take time to understand, have love for detail – that’s our claim for good, convincing and diversifying design. 


It was a great and absolutely inspiring day in Salzburg, getting new input, seeing things from other perspectives, meeting extraordinary people and expanding horizons. All of this, perfectly organized by Planet Sisa. Thank you for being part of it!