Tis the season to send out printed goods!


There is this annual little project that we don’t make for a client, but for all of them. To thank them for buying our fonts and working with us and to wish them a great holday season followed by an even greater year! With a little luck, we hope to produce a smile on the face of the recipient. We’re proud of our xmas cards and want to show you the last three:

This year we sent out a little tree hanger. Die cut with gold foil stamping on Gmund cotton. (On the back there is also a little teaser of what’s to come 2014.)


Last year it was an ambiguous and glittery card with orange and violett stitch lettering.



2011 we went for a hand lettered and illustrated sujet, produced in two color letterpress printing on a wood pulp board with rounded corners.



With this, we all wish you the happiest season and see you again in 2014!