Typejockeys for Nevertheless


We are really proud to be part of Nevertheless magazine’s issue 8! Thanks to atelier olschinsky for bringing that thing (you cannot call it magazine, nor catalog … it’s rather a T H I N G) into being! 

Nevertheless – the passion archive for places, spaces, art, work, people, projects, reading, writing, design, photo, graphic and illustration.


Our article starts with our motto: “Always work and think whole hearted. With or without serif.”, hand-drawn and especially made for this purpose. The scribbled version was not intended to be printed, but since it was looking so nice, natural and personal, we thought it fit perfectly.



Our eight page feature also includes a spread of letterings, as well as specimen pages of all of our type families.


Issue 8 not only features Typejockeys, but also atelier olschinsky / Siggi Hofer / Julian Palacz / Anna Paul / Wolfgang Ortner & Mark Sengstbratl / Susann Körner / Christoph Ruprecht / Mathias Klos / Judith Nika Pfeifer / Laurent Bompard / Lukas Meschik / Thomas Albdorf / Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber / Andreas Jakwerth / Martin Stöbich / Davor Gromilovic / Christian Reichhold / Lukas Dostal / Coma Studio / Büro für Mehr / Mark Neuner / Kohlmaier Wien / boicut / Katokami / Curio & Co. / David Mascha / Joluvian / Artuur Vandekerckhove / Peter Diamond / Stadtalphabet Wien

See more: nevertheless.at and buy: artstore.olschinsky.at

Photos by atelier olschinsky