When Beatrix Stekl took over the shirt tailoring business that her grandfather founded in 1948, she knew the brand had to be transferred into the present. In summer 2010 she assigned Typejockeys to do so. Since then a lot has happened and we are happy to be still in charge of the design for this traditional Viennese brand.

One of the first steps in the redesign process was to take a look at the history of the brand.


In more then 60 years of Wäscheflott’s existence, the brand experienced some subtle as well as more radical changes. The brand image lacked consistency and needed to be unified. The outmoded look of the brand itself needed to be modernized and freshened up.


Beginning with the logo, we definitely wanted to keep the characteristic and sympathetic figure, but clean it up quite a bit (see image on top). The logotype was lettered from scratch, inspired by some of the old logotypes that had been used (above).


Bright colors were introduced and combined with delicate but classic typography.



The fabric collection is presented in a small swatch book to the client, who can then pick the cloth of choice. Fun things like wrapping paper were possible, thanks to the love for design that Beatrix Stekl has in common with us.


Printed matter is done in letterpress, from the invitation (below) to vouchers and so forth (further below).



This project is not only a great pleasure to work on, it also changed my view on dress shirts forever. After experiencing a new dimension of material, buttons, seam quality and fitting, I need to speak a word of caution: If you ever wear a custom made shirt, it will be pretty hard to go back to the rack!

See more pictures of this project here.