Werkschau 2015


For this year’s Werkschau für Grafisches und illustratives, Anna was not only giving a lecture, she also created a room for experiencing Typejockeys’ lettering and type design projects.

First sketches and ideas were discussed in our Monday morning meeting, Nana Architektur was consulted for further input. So it grew little by little to quite an ambitious project, as a sideline to our daily jobs. The fact, that there was only two days for prepare the location, made it important to plan everything as perfect and in detail as possible. 

The main wall gives an overview on our typefaces:


The frame wall shows us, lettering and custom type projects …


… and, of course, we also went for a shots bar – making it easy to buy fonts and drink a Apfelschnaps in only 2 minutes!


A few days and a few beads of sweat later – thank you Stephan and Simon for your good work – we were proud to welcome our guests in our little type wonderland.




All of this would have been impossible without the support of Teleprint – thank you for printing and producing almost everything for our little exhibition. And thanks for helping us everytime we need quick digital printing solutions!

Elli Schindler and Christina Pikl did a great job, organising this event. A big thanks to them for inviting us to be part of it. We enjoyed it a lot and were happy that so many people were interested in Annas talk (although it was one of the first sunny and warm weekends this spring).


See you next year!