You’re at home baby


A few weeks ago, we got a call from FM4 house designer Sabine Brauner (Dynamowien). And yes, we wanted to help with the lettering for the 2010 poster series of The Greatest Radio Show On Earth. Each poster needed a hand drawn title congenial to the motif. Around 500 sheets and four ink bottles later we had some pretty lovely results.


Whether playful, spooky, magical or heroical – we had a lot of fun doing the letterings for this artworks representing the radio station, Paperbird, Nino aus Wien, Lonely Drifter Karen and Ja, Panik.



A well-functioning and complementary team work for a special job. Thank you Sabine Brauner (Art Direction), Bernd Preiml (Design and Photos), Milos Koptak (Illustration) and of course Oliver Lingens of FM4.

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