In addition to the development of typefaces for professional use, Typejockeys has specialised in custom lettering.

Even if recent Unicode standards specify thousands of glyphs that may be included in a font, the possibilities of a typeface are always constricted by its own character set. A typeface is a complex system. Its letters are made to be combined in thousands of combinations but retaining a constant rhythm and readability.

Lettering on the other hand fulfils different needs. It is not about readability for long texts: it is about the best formal solution for a word or word group. There are barely any boundaries and therefore endless possibilities. Unlike type, lettering will not be picked apart. Every letter in the word only has to work with its neighbour.

“Lettering differs from type in the same way that modelling clay differs from Lego bricks.”
Mark Simonson

Our lettering work always starts at zero and ends with the best suited wording for our clients. To see some examples, please look at the projects below or contact us if you need more information.

Logotype for Messe Dornbirn

Logos for the biannual Dornbirn fair. In cooperation with Zeughaus.

Herbst Messe
Herbst Messe

Frühjahrs Messe
Frühjahrs Messe

Logotype for EmploYourBrand

Design for the EmploYourBrand brand commissioned by Ralf Tometschek.


Logo for Mafimbo

Africa-inspired logo for a powerwalking stick.


Logotype for Letterjazz Wedding

The new sub-brand of Germany’s best Letterpress studio.

Letterjazz Wedding

Logotype for Backraum

Backraum – a bakery and architecture office; friskiness and purity. Two tasks: A common name, and a common logo. You asked for it, you got it! The hand-lettered logotype is used by both – but it’s used in a completely different way.

Backraum logo

Logo for Nord Süd Verlag

Logo for a German children books publisher. In cooperation with Kurt Dornig.

Nord Süd

Logo for Wash-World

A lettering we did for a car wash company that provides a non-contact car wash system driven by lasers (yes, lasers)! Swiss-based graphic designer Carola Sturn assigned us to draw the logotype, while she was responsible for the corporate design including the facade of the first washing plant.

Nord Süd

Logo for Raiders

Logo proposal for an American Football team. They declines, because they are already all set!


Logotype for Marktachterl

For the marktachterl logo, our aim was to design a logo that will fit the already produced neon sign, but still be much better in its form and function. The restaurant could keep their sign and safe money.

Marktachterl neon sign


Marktachterl logo

The final logo

New logotype design for Moonshaker Sunnymaker

Moonshaker Sunnymaker asked us for a redesign of their logo. We decided for a dynamic script style reflecting the spirit of the band itself and their music.

old Moonshaker Sunnymaker logo
Old logo

new Moonshaker Sunnymaker logo
New logo