There is no better way to describe why this album looks like it does, than this: It was pure fun making it.

The self-titled album of the Austrian folk music band Federspiel consists of a studio part and a live part. The musical work is brought together from Eastern Europe, Ireland, Spain, Austria, Hungary and Mexico, and reinterpreted with a very special charm. None of us really had any idea what was behind this misunderstood genre. But we didn’t want anyone to make the mistake of putting them in the wrong drawer when we saw photos showing seven young men with Lederhosen and trumpets, after hearing this amazing music.

Literally translated, ‘Federspiel’ means ‘feather game’. We also took this literally and made a game board on the back of the CD case. Everything was illustrated to maintain the resemblance between the seven figures on the CD cover and the real band.

Project lead and design: Michael Hochleitner

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